Gateway, Bridge and Router


Gateway is a network device used to connect two networks. Usually, the gateway is used as a liaison between the local network (LAN) and the public network (internet).

In addition, the gateway also acts as a regulator of which packets are allowed to pass which are not. This gateway can be a special device, for example on a router/modem or it can be a computer


Routers have the capability of passing IP packets from one network to another possibly selecting multiple paths between the two.

Routers can also be used to connect a number of LANs so that the traffic generated by a LAN is isolated from the traffic generated by other LANs. If two or more LANs are connected to a router, each LAN is treated as a separate subnetwork


The definition of a bridge network is a network component that is used to expand the network or create a network segment. Bridges are used to connect multiple network segments to the same or different LAN computers.

For example, the ETHERNET network with Token Ring, is faster than a router and more reliable, because the packets to be obtained will be sent directly to the intended address without any analyzing process and without any re-routing.

Network bridges operate within the data-link layer of the Open System Interconnection(OSI) model.

Bridges can also be used to combine two different network media, such as between Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) cable media with fiber optic cables or two different network architectures, such as between Token Ring and Ethernet.

The bridge will create a signal that is transmitted by the sender but does not convert to the protocol so that two network segments connected to the bridge must have the same network protocol.

(as well as TCP / IP).

Network bridges also sometimes support the SimpleNetwork Management Protocol (SNMP) protocol, and some of them have other diagnostic features.

There are three common types of network positions:

* Local Bridge: a bridge that can connect segments of a local network.

* Rotating Bridge: can be used to create a connection (link) between LANs to create a Wide Area Network.

* Wireless Bridge: a bridge that can combine wired LAN networks and wireless LAN networks

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