What is SCADA system (Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition)


It is a software application specially designed to work on computers in production control, providing communication with field devices (autonomous controllers) and controlling the process automatically from the computer screen.

It also provides all the information generated in the production process to various users, both at the same level and from other supervisory users within the company (supervision, quality control, production control, data storage, etc.).

Feedback is in an organization, the process of sharing observations, concerns and suggestions, with the intention of gathering information, individually or collectively, to improve or modify various aspects of the functioning of an organization.

Outline of a typical system

This scheme is an example of the application of the SCADA system in industrial areas. These areas can be:

• Monitor chemical, physical or transport processes in water supply systems, to control the generation and distribution of electricity, gas or oil pipelines and other distribution processes.

• Production management (facilitates manufacturing scheduling).

Maintenance (provides magnitudes of interest such to evaluate and determine failure modes, MTBF( Mean Time Between Failures), Reliability indices, among others).

• Quality Control (automatically provides the necessary data to calculate production stability indices, tolerances, etc.

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