• Vibration measurement, proximity probes.

    Vibration systems use transducers which convert mechanical motions into electrical signals. What is Vibration? Rapidly changing too and fro motion either in vertical or horizontal of an object with reference to a centerline is called vibration. Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon. A vibration monitoring system is used to monitor the health of a machine in […]

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  • What is “As-Found” and “As-Left” calibration data?

    Every measuring instrument or device requires calibration at periodic intervals, which is part of preventive maintenance (PM). It is because, every instrument or device undergoes drift in calibration with time. Let us discuss As-found data and As-left data in this article. In calibration sheet with “As-found” data is most important because it will determine the […]

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  • Signal Generator and Types

    The signal generator is an electronic device that induces repetition and non-repetition of analog or digital signals. The signal generator is widely used in troubleshooting, signal tracing, testing, amplifier response tuning, and radio and TV circuit alignment. The signal generator has a built-in modulation property. Amplitude and modulation properties are very common in signal generators. […]

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  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO): Working and Applications

    Cathode Ray Oscilloscope: The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) is an equipment that displays, measures, and analyzes different waveforms of electrical circuits. A cathode ray oscilloscope is a high-speed X-Y plotter (a plotter that operates on two axes of motion) that may display an input signal vs time or another signal. Working Cathode ray oscilloscopes work […]

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  • Types of Batteries and their important Characteristics.

    Batteries are accumulators that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy and are an essential device in isolated, self-consumption installations. Principle of Battery The basic principle of a battery comprises the oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions of particular chemical substances. One chemical substance of which loses electrons (is oxidized) while the other gains electrons (is reduced), being […]

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